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About me

Hi, Rachelle here. I wanted to share with you a bit about me.

I am a Mum of two cheeky, beautiful, beach haired, kind hearted kids who keep me on my toes.

I love adventure, nature, the ocean and a good old sing-a-long.

I have relocated my young family to the sunny South Coast of Australia after growing up in the ever increasing fast pace environment of Sydney.

I have spent over 15 years helping people like YOU become the very best versions of themselves. I love being part of peoples journeys to becoming healthier and happier. I find it very rewarding to see the transformation of bodies, attitudes and lives though my well balanced training and guidance.

I started at the age of 18 as an enthusiastic spring chicken, training everyone and anyone, including myself as HARD as I possibly could. However, with maturity and work/life experience I have become the Mindful Trainer I am today.

After suffering from adrenal fatigue, resulting in an auto immune disease of the thyroid, I knew there was more to health and wellbeing that just high intensity exercise. I found rest in yoga and meditation and I just HAD to share it with others, so I became a yoga teacher, who is still always learning!

Since then, I combine my knowledge of fitness, nutrition, yoga and meditation with my life experience of mindful living, autoimmune disease, mental health and motherhood to realistically create a well balanced training experience. My training style gets results and makes clients feel GOOD about themselves.

I take pride in taking the time to find out the individual needs of each of my personal clients so I can create a training environment that is specific to their body type, personality, goals and lifestyle. I use my intuition and experience to know what training styles are right for my clients and I introduce them to knew ways of thinking and self love.

I spent many years in Sydney running workplace wellness programs with small businesses and large corporations to improve the wellbeing of staff, boost team morale and create a positive environment at work. The benefits of these businesses running a wellness program and giving back to their employees was immeasurable.

More recently I love running yoga workshops and wellness day retreats on the South Coast where I can collaborate with others to create a nurturing experience, where those who attend can find space to recover, be inspired and leave feeling refreshed.

With all that said, what I would most like to share is simple. I am an experienced healthy lifestyle advocate and motivator. My passion is second to none and I would genuinely love to hear YOUR story and help YOU be the best version of YOURSELF.

rachelle xx