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I offer 4-6 week Yoga + Mindfulness Workshops on the South Coast of NSW where you will learn to connect body and breathe and enjoy the effects of being present and slowing down. A welcomed change from the fast pace of life.

My passion for yoga and meditation came through my own need for a more balanced approach to my health and wellness and I am passionate about sharing this with others.


I totally enjoyed Rachelles 4 week Yoga + mindfulness workshop. my hubby recently returned from a 7 month deployment, my kids and I moved house while he was gone, changed jobs and started school. To say the last 7 months have been busy is an understatement. The 4 weeks of Yoga and meditation with Rachelle was exactly what my body and mind needed. I thoroughly enjoyed every session. I have even been doing some of the breathing techniques Rachelle taught whenever i feel I need a bit of calming. I loved the 4 week block and felt that committing to a short period of sessions was better than just turning up to a random class. I would love to continue on with the workshops and looking forward to the next one.

Cindy P

cost of investment

My workshops are run at varying times throughout the year. Please enquire below to see when my next workshop is running.

1 x session per week ( 4 week workshop ) = 99

1 x session per week ( 6 week workshop) = 149

2 x sessions per week ( 4 week workshop) = 160

Private sessions available


my next 6 week workshop

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