As a young keen 18 year old fitness instructor and personal trainer, I really lived the fast life.

Teaching anywhere between 10 - 15 high intensity spin, aerobics, combat and pump classes per week with a mix of 30+ PT sessions. I was FIT, and I managed this for quiet some time (years actually) until one day I hit the wall.... I got glandular fever and my energy has never been the same since.

I needed something to slow me down, I needed to learn to respect my adrenals and look after my immune system and although at the time the thought of Yoga + Meditation sounded as boring as watching the grass grow or like something that I could not achieve, I decided to jump straight in.

I started with a more vibrant fast flowing style of yoga POWER YOGA - and within a few weeks, I new this is what I wanted to share with others, so I quickly enrolled in DUNCAN PEAKS Power Living course in Manley NSW. This transformed the way I felt about wellness, about balance in my life and about respecting my body.

I have been on a winding, diverse yoga and training journey ever since ( always learning ) and to this day I am grateful for my time on the mat and the space it creates in my life. The power of our breathe - a tool, a resource we all have at our finger tips - amazing!

When ever I lose my way, I turn back to my mat. Back to the basics of gentle movement and breath!

Rachelle xx

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