I have always enjoyed writing. As a child I had many diaries going at the one time. A diary for poetry. A daily entry Diary. A diary filled with “special” things like movie tickets, train tickets and pictures ripped out of magazines that made me happy. I even had diaries dedicated to the boys I liked ( stalker?.. maybe a touch weird.)

I wrote letters to my friends ( whom I chatted to all day at school and for hours on the phone) Im not sure what else I could possibly have told them that they didn’t already know. I even wrote letters and sent them in the post to my younger cousin whom I convinced to be my pen pal.

I had a love for paper and stationary and looked forward to filling all the pages of my diaries so I could start a fresh one. Owning piles of diaries waiting to be enjoyed and filled with words.

I resisted computers during high school and chose to hand in all my assignments hand written in pen and textas, even if it meant getting a lower grade because of it. I was old school before my time.

I have always wanted to write a blog, despite never having any formal training and admittedly being an atrocious speller ( even spell check doesn’t understand what I’m trying to say sometimes. ) However, I have left it so long that I wonder if Ive missed the boat? With so much video content and fast moving media, do people still even read blogs? Sticking with my old school habits, I’ll jump on the blog ban wagon hopefully before it dies out altogether.

So blog or no blog? I choose blog, and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

My encouragement comes from the words of Ernest Hemingway. - “There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed.”

I Hope you stick along for the ride!

Until next time, have a healthy happy day

rachelle xx

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