As Mothers I feel our hearts are TORN when it comes to finding the perfect balance between work (paid work that is) and being a Mum (even harder work if you ask me).

It's not a walk in the park for us Mummies when it comes to making the overwhelming decision of leaving our jobs & careers to have children. Often work is something that gives us security, feels perhaps like our identity, helps with independence, stimulation and satisfaction..... (not to mention helps pay the bills.) 

However, It's equally challenging to decide to keep working and seek help from our families or childcare to be there for our kiddies, help raise them and nurture them, when perhaps somewhere deep down inside we feel like that's our responsibility or job.  Who's to say we can't do both?? Who's to say we can't do both well? Or who's to say if we choose one over the other that it's wrong or right???? 

Every Mum is different, and I truly believe there is NO right or wrong way to balance our family / work life. I also feel strongly about all women supporting one another, no matter how their choices or decisions may differ.
I often hear women being categorised into the "corporate Mums" or the "JUST Mums”, whaaaaaaaaaaaattt ???? Either way, it's HARD WORK!!!! - and us Mums need to stick together.... respect one another.... and start judging less!!! 

In my experience with talking to MANY Mums, there’s a sense that the Mums who don't work feel guilty about it and visa versa with the Mums who do but life's not about feeling guilty about the choices we make or HAVE to make. So be proud of your choices, be proud of yourself for doing what you have to do and doing what you can do!! The world needs different types of people and different types of Mothers!! - 

YOUR goal is to find out what's right for YOU, for YOUR kids, for YOUR partner, what suits YOUR lifestyle. Take into account all the benefits and sacrifices that effect YOUR family ...... not anyone else's ...... YOURS!! 

Find your balance, stand tall and be proud!!!!!
Life is not a race to the end... do what you have to do to enjoy each day along the way!!

Next time you talk to a Mumma... whether it's a close friend or a stranger show interest in her choices. Ask positive questions about what her sacrifices are doing for her family. Listen to HER story , encourage and tell her that she's a brave, strong mother who's family is lucky to have her. Also, know that the same goes for YOU!!! 

Until next time, peace ✌🏻

rachelle xx