For me, exercise and healthy living has never really been about “perfect” body image but I know for a lot of people it is. Many people will come along to see me for personal training with one main goal. To lose weight or to look a certain way.

They think it will make them feel better. I totally understand this and YES OF COURSE losing weight can make you feel better and it’s probably healthy for many of us but there are also MANY intertwined reasons why people don’t feel so great in the first place which is why I have a balanced and realistic approach to training.

I believe life is too short to be obsessed with our body image but it’s also too short to feel unhappy and unhealthy. I like to encourage body positivity and I believe everyone’s real goal is to feel happy and content... and weight loss is just ONE piece of the puzzle.

I love that I can share with everyday people my knowledge and experience of mindful balanced training as well as what works for me in maintaining a healthy life and getting the most out of my body and mind.

Life’s not perfect and MY health and wellness routines are far from perfect also. There are MANY ups and downs when juggling work/family life so I like to be honest and realistic with my clients and I know they appreciate this!!! I suppose I get a lot out of seeing clients start to realise what’s important in life and change their lifestyle one step at a time to become a better version of themselves!

I also love having a chat, a good laugh, working up a good sweat and sharing life with so many amazing peeps!

Someone asked me this week, have you ever thought about what you’ll do for work when you’re old and your body isn’t fit anymore? I’m not sure of my answer because I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.. but I’m sure my health and wellness journey will lead me somewhere!

I feel grateful that I’m still in-love with what I do after 16 years and I’m looking forward to what’s next!

rachelle xx

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